Personality Test

Your Existing Situation

“Is reckless and short-tempered. His decisions are made with little thought out the consequences, often times leading to unnecessary stress and conflict.”

I do not agree with this decree because I do not consider myself as a short-tempered person as I consider myself a person with a lot of patience and I do not like conflict. I partially agree with my decisions having little thought because I tend to focus on the positive sides of my actions and get surprised when something negative happens

Your Stress Sources

“Wishes for freedom and independence, free from limitations and restrictions except for the ones he choices to give himself.”

I agree with this part because I do tend to dislike being told what to do. I like feeling in control of my own life and whenever someone tries to take the wheel it puts me in a sour mood.

The Restrained Characteristics

“His desire to avoid open conflict and tension forces him to put his desires on hold, even though he is feeling restrained and uneasy.”

“Current situation makes him feel unable to prove himself, but tries to make the best of things.”

I do tend to put my wishes on hold if it means avoiding conflicts so I do agree with this assessment.

Your Desired Objective

“Longs for tenderness and for a feeling of acceptance from a partner. Appreciates things that are beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and stylish.”

I believe most people long for tenderness and acceptance from their partners when they’re in a relationship. This assessment seems very general in my opinion.

Your Actual Problem

“Prefers to be left in peace and avoids arguments, confrontation and conflicts.”

Of all the others this is the one I felt portrayed my personality accurately because I like my peace and I do my best to stay out of conflicts.

Overall this personality assessment did not seem very accurate to me. I felt like they were pulling at straws hoping to land an assessment I connected with. Most of them felt very general and unconcise.

One thought on “Personality Test

  1. Bogo,
    I found that my results were very accurate to the situations that I am currently experiencing. I do agree that the color assessment was difficult to find creditable because it was so inconclusive. The other personality tests were fun to take, and there were a few that concluded results that portrayed my personality properly. I think it would have been interesting to see your other results, but I included each and every test result and my blog post was unnecessarily long and definitely boring to read. I do feel that not all of the personality tests were entirely accurate, or that they came from reliable sources, but overall it was interesting to take them. I think that in your response to your results, there are a few characteristics that match the color test results such as the “Your Actual Problem” section and “The Restrained Characteristics” section as it says that you tend to stay out of conflicts and like to stay at peace, even if it means putting something on hold. Overall, I hope you enjoyed taking the personality tests as much as I did.


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