Emotion : Option 2

At first sight, I thought the facial recognition test was going to be a walk in the park. After getting the first two pictures wrong I had an idea what I had gotten myself into. For the six I got wrong, it was mostly due to me second guessing myself and changing my original answer because I thought it was too obvious. I scored around what I assumed I would because I knew petty mistakes would drag my scores down in a test like this, despite my ability to read emotions very well.

I thought some options being put together made it harder than it should have been. For example, on one of the photos, the options included embarrassment and shame which are very similar in definition. This made it harder since I struggled to decide which of the two it was. If they avoided trickery like this the test would have been a lot easier. The test definitely opened my eyes to minor expressions made for certain emotions that I had never noticed in the past.


Hello guys, My name is Adam Bogobiri and I go by Bogo. I am a sophomore mechanical engineering major.

I picked Introduction to Psychology because I’ve always had interest in psychology despite having little to no background in it. When I hear the word psychology I think of a therapy room and a patient sitting in a couch telling a therapist what he see’s when he looks at a certain pic.

I am very excited to learn more topics in this class but if I had to choose three they would be Mechanics of Sleep, Personality & Culture, and, Moral development. I picked mechanics of sleep because I have always been curious about dreams and why we dream. I picked the other three because I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, so I have different morals and personality from the average american citizen. I don’t think I have a topic I’m not interested in exploring because all the topics in the syllabus seem very interesting.

A question I would want answered by the end of the class would be why people dream when they sleep. It may seem like a simple question but it’s a question I have had since I was around six years old.