Chapter 15 First Impression : option 1

In my opinion, all kinds of therapy have their positives and negatives. Each one is noteworthy in their own special way and picking which is better in order is not an easy task. The one I would rank as the superior of the others would be Cognitive Therapy. As a teenager in college, I understand very well that people can be negatives sometimes. Most especially, when things are not going very well for them. People in these positions can be very negative and self-deprecating at times. Cognitive Therapy helps with this by aiding them in changing their negative mindsets. Building of the previous point, I believe the Humanistic Therapy would be the second most effective because the therapists focus on the positive growth in the client rather than focusing on the person’s . This type of therapy attempts to aid the client develop stronger, healthier sense of self, as well as access and understand their feelings to help gain a sense of meaning in their life. My third choice is Behavioral Therapy, because it is very beneficial for children of younger ages since this type of therapy assesses the behavior of an individual as well as the environment they are growing in. For younger children this kind of therapy can alert the parents to how harmful behaviors are rewarded unintentionally and show them how to correct this. In fourth choice is Psychodynamic Therapy, this kind of therapy references past stressors and helps the client get over them. Psychodynamic therapists dive into past memories and try to find the root of the clients pain. Depending on the person this is a very effective way to release pent up pain and sadness.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 15 First Impression : option 1

  1. Adam,
    I enjoyed reading your rankings, yet I would have to disagree with your ranking of behavioral therapy. I would put that a little higher up, maybe first or second. I agree that being a college student brings you a lot of stress and can tend to put you down and cognitive therapy will help bring that back up when being able to depict the negative thoughts and reach catharsis. Yet I think that behavioral therapy will help in the sense that if you potentially are able to classical condition yourself to not associate tests for example with stress, than that will be able to relieve some of the anxiety you have on a test day or finals week. I do agree that humanistic therapy is effective, rather focusing on the person themselves and not having any outside influences.
    Thanks for the read!


  2. Bogo,
    As we talked about in class, none of the therapy methods are inherently better than the rest. It all comes down to the individual patient. In terms of rankings, personally, I do partially agree with you. For me, I think cognitive therapy would also be most effective. I do think, however, psychodynamic therapy and humanistic therapy would bear similar results through different means. Behavioral therapy, as you said, would be especially effective for young children. Through all of these methods positive results could be achieved, but it all depends on the relationship between the patient and the therapist. The most important thing is feeling comfortable with your therapist because if you don’t, you won’t see positive results.
    All in all, this was a good first impression.


  3. I really enjoyed reading your first impression post. I think you detailed each type of therapy very thoroughly. I agree with your whole lineup. I did not have the same arrangement, but you explained why each one is important in an exceptional way. I like the way your explained behavioral psychology/therapy and how it aids younger children more and alerts parents as well. This was a fantastic first impression post!


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