Social : Option 2

Personally, I feel like I would enjoy most tasked if I am paid to do it. If I am told before hand I will most likely enjoy the task since I would be thinking about what I am going to be doing with the money. If I am told after that I am getting paid, I do not think I would remember the task being fond, I would just be happy to have been paid. If I had to pick a time in my life where I changed my beliefs due to cognitive dissonance, it would be the three years where I decided to be Muslim. I grew up in an extended family where both Christianity and Islam were very present, but despite that, I was Christian for most of my life because I saw the methods Muslims used to exercise their faith as very time consuming, boring, and, stressful. This all changed when my Father, who was the only Muslim in my immediate family, asked me to join him in his faith and in return he’d take me with him to Muslim festivals. I really did not enjoy Islamic worship before this but after that day, for three years, I was very invested in Islam and I was excited to pray five times a day facing East. After I moved to the United States, I decided I could not keep this up and gave up on Islam personally.

Personally, I don’t have a stance on whether on not cognitive dissonance is positive or negative. Just like most things in the world, it can be used for bad things in the wrong hands, but in the right hands you could do good things with it. In the wrong hands it could possibly be used to brainwash masses into doing unpleasant things but in the right hands it could be used to promote good behavior, which is subjective.

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